P.O.S. Systems

NTS G-800 is a basic cash register that caters to the needs of every small business, The G-1000 is the upgrade for the small business owner who likes to keep a close eye on thing as it allows stock control and cashier control.

The NTS G-4000 cash register is ideal for a small restaurant  or medium enterprise business as it can keep track of  100 departments and 1040 PLU’s codes. It allows stock control and keeps you updated of stock levels.  Table tracking is also an added bonus on this unit.

Cashier access levels can also be preset and limited to various functions.


IQ Retail (POS)

IQ Retail is our flagship Point of sale software and caters to various business in the ever changing market place.
Our IQ packages can also be tailored to fit into your business easily and conveniently.

IQ Business
IQ Enterprise
IQ Restaurant
IQ Payroll

Along with our P.O.S. systems we also supply cash drawers, barcode scanners, receipt printers and label printers. We also give the end user the necessary training to operate the system efficiently.